Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Rest In Peace, Wacko Jacko

This article has been published on Homepage Daily, please view it there.
Two weeks have passed since the news broke, but you still can’t avoid seeing Michael Jackson wherever you look.

The King of Pop. MJ, the Moonwalker. On Twitter on the day of his funeral, messages about him could be found under 4 trending names, or hash tags. Every magazine cover that could be cranked out had his photo, his name, on the cover.

But nowhere can you find the nickname that, up until a week ago when he dropped dead of and the world suddenly developed a conscience, most of the world knew him as for years.

Wacko Jacko. This article has been published on Homepage Daily, please view it there.


  1. I unreservedly agree.

  2. All too true. Though I also hold some contempt for the general public who are (a) morbidly ghoulish, always gnawing on the bones of celebrity tragedy and (b) the ones who keep feeding the cash cow that is intrusive puff press.
    Then again, I have fantasies about taking piles of New Idea and Woman's Day and having a good ol' fashioned magazine burning, so I'm a bit prejudiced on the subject.

  3. You get what you pay for

    It's all about the money, what makes the media cash, if there was more money in reviling him still than deifying him then you would get the wacko Jacko stories.

    Media is rarely concerned with having a conscience, it never has done.

    As Brisbanite say's until we as a culture stop paying money for this type of media then we will be stuck with it.