Friday, October 9, 2009

Is £200 enough to travel like Richard Branson for year?

Speaking as someone with travelling ambition of Richard Branson but the budget of a ham sandwich, is a really good travel resource; real people write real reviews of places and activities and then earn cash if people take them up on their suggestions.

What makes it good is that it has a more exciting and budget approach to visiting places from people who visited the cities, rather than the usual “this hotel let me sray free for a review and I liked it”. If you are planning a trip, I’d recommend researching it here. It’s particularly good for city breaks and for finding points of interest in places that are a little further off the well trodden tracks advised in the guidebooks.

My recent offering to them was a budget guide to romancing in Sydney. And they liked it so much that it won a prize. A prize of two hundred dollars sterling. Which may not allow me to fly RockStar class with Virgin Atlantic or purchase my own Virgin Island, but will allow me to take up some of my own cheap date suggestions.

Curious what they are? Have a look below...

For many couples, Sydney is the highlight of a round-the-world trip, but it can sometimes feel more arduous than amorous. Shared dorms and penny-pinching can take the shine off your shared adventure. However, the Harbour City doesn’t have to be Heartbreak City - here are a few ideas that will tug on the heartstrings instead of the wallet.

A romantic cruise for under $20
A luxury dinner and lie-down movie for under $60
A night in a mountain retreat for under $200

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