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Butt naked and blue - but who really cares?

Up on The Punch today, my thoughts on the proposed x-ray airport scanners and people perving on my bald blue bits.

If you're swinging by the Punch, also check out David Penberthy's sex doll piece, I nearly died laughing at it.

Having survived the recession, swine-flu and my affair with Tiger Woods, it chills me to find out there’s a new threat - airport scanners.

Now, I’m used to scanners. Used to queuing for ages behind people who empty their pockets only when they get to the scanning belt. Used to my (completely non-metallic) shoes setting off the alarms. I’m used to getting through and then being stopped for an explosives scan because I just love being scanned that much.

But these new scanners, recent coverage suggests, are different. A perversion of the metal scanner I know and love.

These scanners emit x-rays that pass through my clothes and then flash up a monochromatic image of me, denuded of clothes and hair, for security officials to leer and peer at my bits.

But its not ju…