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PORTFOLIOS AND PAs - Executive PA magazine piece published in October

Every job has its low points and some days it feels like the good bits of your role are bits you get to do the least of. Imagine a job where you do what you enjoy and command an excellent wage for specialising. Wouldn’t it great if you could cherry-pick the best bits of your job and jettison the worst?

Maybe you can. It’s called a Portfolio Career and, according to the experts, many of us would be naturals at it.

With a portfolio career you work multiple part-time jobs that combine into your full-time role. This could include part-time or contract employment, self-employment options such as running your own business, as well as charitable and volunteer work. Portfolio careers are usually built around a collection of core skills and interests, and you call the shots on what skills you want to use. Dr Barrie Hopson, co-author of “And What Do You Do - 10 Steps to Creating a Portfolio Career" believes that many PAs already possess the skills needed for a successful portfolio careerist…

Executive PA magazine October 2010 - Leave Work On Time

From an article I wrote on productivity, published in October by Executive PA magazine.
"Dolly Parton thought it was tough working nine to five, but for many Australians that’s a short day. We work more than two billion hours of unpaid overtime each year and some of the longest days worldwide, according to a survey by The Australia Institute.
If you can’t remember when you last left at five and reckon Dolly has it easy, learn to leave on time with these five tips and tricks that start first thing each morning – and some before that."
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