The Best of Foo

So, last night I was on Goat Island watching the Foo Fighters play their new album. Which was awesome. I won the tics by entering a competition on V Music. They wanted vids from fans on why they should go. I figured they would be about a billion, "OMG I luv the FOos!!1!" type entries, so I pleaded with them to send me. For Science.

The exact science was that, with the engagement party on Sat, I needed to check my bloke, P, was in fact hotter than Dave Grohl (who I had formerly believed to be the hottest man alive before meeting P). Need to check before the wedding, donchaknow. For Science.

P has forgiven me. Probably. I discovered something useful for our relationship at the gig - curling my hand into the RAWK horns symbol stops my engagement/wedding rings from flying off while moshing. This is a useful thing to know.

Anyway, it was an awesome gig. 38 songs, plenty of pricking about. They exhausted us. I noticed they played a lot from the earlier albums and their latest album is really stripped down, both in the production and the videos. Don't believe me? Check out White Limo, a Motorhead-esque song with a handcam shot feel, starring none other than Lemmy. And Rope, the next song, only took a day to shoot.

What was really noticeable was just how much fun they were having. How much they were chatting to each other, the audience. The sheer joy in the music. They closed with "This is a Call", their first ever hit.

They've already scheduled two extra gigs - one last week to benefit Christchurch, one on Sunday for the QLD floods. At 11am, they announced they were doing another gig tonight. In the Manning Bar, on Sydney campus. I can see roadies and rigs out my window. The 900 tickets went on sale, one per person only, from a few small independant record stores - Red Eye and Hum. Sold out fast. Apparently the Hum queue was far longer than the Apple one accross the road.

They're still doing stadiums, and selling tickets on site before shows to try and deter scalpers. But from this close - and it is close, their roadies are outside my window - it looks like the Foos are trying their best to play their music for the fans and for the music. Supporting little record shops. Playing for charity.

I'm not sure what the hell is going on. But I approve.


  1. I really love Foos!! They don't care about money they care about people, thats why they play for charities..supporting some indie bands, If i can get some holiday packages to watch Foo Fighter. I'll definitely do it!!!


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