Beer and Brewer magazine spring 2011 - Chuck Hahn for the Hall of Fame

You may not know Chuck's name straight away but if you drink beer, there's a good chance his name is in your fridge right now. 

Dr Charles "Chuck" Hahn has devoted over four decades in three countries to the task of brewing those best beers, crafting beers for some of the biggest names; Coors, Lion Nathan, Hahn, James Squire.  Armed with a PhD in Chemical Engineering and an insatiable love of great food and beer, he cut his teeth at Coors in Colorado and Tooth in Sydney (forgive the pun, please) before founding the brewery that made him a household name - the Hahn Brewery.  When the rights to make and distribute that beer sold to Toohey and moved home, he changed the brewery's name to the Malt Shovel where, he says, they make beer they want to drink and "sell whatever is left over".

Thankfully they don't manage to drink all of it, and there's enough James Squire (and their fascinating Mad Brewers' range) left for the rest of us.

I got to interview Chuck for his induction into the Beer and Brewer Hall of Fame (see their spring issue for 2011). I spent a thoroughly fascinating and slightly inebriating two hours talking beer and brewing with him in the Malt Shovel Brewery where Chuck insisted I try most if the beers (and gave me an excellent Mad Brewers Stout Noir to take home). We talked about swimming, marketing, James Squire and John Boston, and, of course, beer.

Why yes, sometimes I do get paid to write about drinking beer. You can commence hating me in three, two, one...


  1. It amused me earlier and continues to do so; you are writing for Beer Magazine!

  2. And Ms Twohmey said our only options were being a nurse or working in a bank...

  3. @Sadhbh Warren lol your comment made me laugh real hard.


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