Thursday, September 1, 2011

Party Party

Anyone who knows me can tell you, I love a good party. So writing this piece for Executive PA's April/May issue on ensuring your office bash goes with a bang was right up my alley. I got chase up advice from some of Australia's most experienced event organisers, including Ray Shaw, Managing Director of MCI Australia  and Australia's longest accredited meetings manager ("36 years and I still love it!"). Here are some of his tips to get the most from your night.
  • SET THE SCENE. The quality, delivery and style of the invitation gets people anticipating - make it irresistible!
  • GET THEM THERE. Make sure parking or transport is readily, and preferably freely, available. Consider offering transport or taxi vouchers,
  • ON THE NIGHT. The event itself reflects on your company - keep it social but professional.
  • KEEP THE FEELING GOING. Follow up with photos or mementos and friendly communication to extend your event's impact long after the last reveller leaves.

This is an exerpt only, for the full text, please contact me.

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