Creature comforts at work

Would you like your office to go to the dogs? My piece on pet-friendly workplaces for Executive PA magazine  makes no bones about the many benefits of bringing man's best friend to the workplace.

We're not barking up the wrong tree - dog friendly offices have higher employee satisfaction and an edge in recruiting staff, according to a surveys, and studies have found that working teams who had a dog had ranked higher on qualities of trust, team cohesion, and intimacy than dog-less teams. 

Dogged persistence may be needed to persuade the doubters but the offices I interviewed felt their pet-friendly policy made them top dogs when it came to workplace enjoyment. Maybe more companies should paws for thought and let every dog have its (work) day.

I will stop with the terrible dog puns now, I promise. Here's an excerpt, for more see the magazine on the website (pages 64/65) or drop me an email.

Who let the dogs in? 

Office dog Bronte hard at work
Why should your business allow pets at work? David Lawrence, Managing Director of The Web Showroom and owner of office dog Bronte (pictured), suggests some ways to appeal to your boss from a business perspective.
  • It engages people - from contractors blogging about Bronte to ice-breaking conversations with new clients, an office dog always gets people talking.
  • A recruiting edge - potential staff almost all say they’d love to work for a company with an office dog when they see Bronte at the interview.
  • Dog owners are happier at work and spend less time worrying about what is going on at home, particularly if they need to work late.
  • Forget smoke breaks - having an office dog allows people to take mini breaks to pat the dog, and most people get a feeling of wellbeing out of interacting with the dog. And the dog loves it too!

Would you like to take your dog to work? Would your workplace ever allow it? Let the magazine know by emailing with “Office Dog” in the subject line.


  1. Nice piece, enjoyed reading it!

  2. It's all part of my not-so-sekrit plan to make all offices dog-friendly so I can finally have coworkers I will always get on with.

  3. It is the first to know that there are offices that allowing their employee to bring their dogs on their working area. For others this is good or privilege. But this can cause destruction.


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