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This office is going to the dogs

Working from home today I caught the watchful eye of my supervisor, the dog, I was reminded of a piece I wrote on dogs on the office. Some Australian offices are going to the dogs to keep their workers happy and pet-friendly workplaces are becoming common. My current employers aren't onboard but some of the world’s largest are; including Apple, Amazon and Google. Over 20% of work places in America are dog friendly, but the world leader is Taiwan where over half of all work places welcome man’s best friend with open arms. 
While there’s no doubt many dog-owners will see advantages to taking Rover to work, what’s in it for the business? Employee satisfaction and an edge in recruiting staff, according to a survey carried out by and Simply Hired, who found two-thirds of dog owners would work longer hours and a third would take a pay cut if they could bring their dog to the office. A study by Central Michigan University found that working teams who had a dog with them had ra…