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We tried to teach. We got homeschooled.

I shared my tale of homeschooling woe - reproduced below - with the Irish Examiner and on Medium
School’s finally out for summer so let’s review what our family have learned over the last four torturous millennia, I mean months, of homeschooling. 
Many facts were learned. Not by my kids, of course. They’re off the garden somewhere eating mud or setting fires or something. They learned nothing but Mum and Dad’s favorite spots to hide the TV remote, the fancy biscuits, and occasionally ourselves.
But the grown-ups feel a great deal more educated. When the primary schools and daycares here in Ireland announced they were closing but would be sending out work each day, we stayed hopeful. After all, many people around choose to homeschool their kids. How bad can it be?
It’s bad. It’s terrible and we’re terrible at it. Do you know the cunning required to make a 6-year-old willingly open a workbook? The tenacity needed to get them to sit down and finish a page of writing? The mess a 3-year-old …